To make progress, we need a perspective that sees the whole city…


Meet Ralph

Ralph Aranda has been a resident of Santa Fe Springs for 32 years and is well aware of the city’s strengths and needs for improvement. His two daughters attended Lakeview Elementary, Lake Center Middle School, and Santa Fe High School. Both daughters went on to attend college after their years immersed in the Chieftain community. His wife, Bertha, has been an Executive Secretary for the Little Lake City School District (LLCSD) for 18 years and also dedicates her time as a member of the Little Lake Educational Advancement Foundation (LLEAF), a non-profit formed by teachers, parents, administrators, board members, and community members to support students within the Little Lake City School District through fundraising and active involvement. Ralph has also served on the School Site Council for local schools within LLCSD and continues to remain a very active member in the community as he currently serves on the Parks and Recreation Committee and was recently appointed Chairperson for the Planning Commission. His professional career has taken him all over Southern California working in Director-level positions in the Parks and Recreation and Community Services Department. After an extensive 35-year career in city government, he retired as the Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Pico Rivera and shortly thereafter, obtained his license as a Realtor for local communities. Amidst the many dimensions of his professional career, Ralph also dedicates his time to officiating local high school and college level sports like football, basketball, and softball. He is also currently serving as the interim Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Glendora.

As a City Council member, Ralph will serve as a voice of the residents in Santa Fe Springs. As an involved member of the city, he understands the needs of this close-knit community and has the experience to facilitate ideas into action. His background in working for municipal government has exposed him to a wide network of professionals working in local cities whom he has established life-long working relationships with and gained a profound amount of perspective from. His foundation has provided him with knowledge and awareness of the operations of a city and he understands how to maneuver the logistics behind plans of action. Ralph is a genuine, hard working family man and he is ready to serve Santa Fe Springs with composure, fairness, and integrity.



Ralph is committed to maintaining quality of life for residents through…

Fiscal Responsibility


Strong Public Safety

Quality Community Service Programs

Support for Local Schools



Ralph’s Qualifications —

• 35 years working in municipal government

• Former Director of Parks and Recreation/Community Services

• Current Chairperson, SFS Planning Commission

• Current Member, SFS Parks and Recreation Committee

• School Site Council, Little Lake City School District

• Softball Coach, Metropolitan Little League

• Parent Support Group for Girls Basketball Program, Santa Fe High School

• Licensed Realtor serving local communities

• Football Referee (crew chief) servicing local High Schools and Community Colleges

• Basketball and Softball High School Official

• Board member on High School Football and Softball units

• Bachelor of Science Degree from USC in Public Administration


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