Why should residents vote for you?

My 35 years working in city government has provided me with the tools to be a City Councilmember. My experience as a Department Head has prepared me to ask the right questions and seek answers from the right sources. I have first hand knowledge on how city budgets, capital projects, programs, and services are created, and how they are evaluated and implemented.

My family has lived in this great community for over 32 years. My children were privileged to participate in the city’s community service programs, attend local schools, and these elements contributed to their success as individuals. I want to see this community continue to prepare citizens to be positive contributors, making our city stronger and more dynamic.

What made you decide to run?

The retirement of one of our council members created a vacant seat. I feel I now have an opportunity to contribute to our city on a larger scale. My desire is to bring new ideas and creative means to solving our city’s issues. I have the knowledge, experience, and network to get things done. I want to serve the community as government is intended to do so — listening to constituents and making decisions that are in the best interest of the community.

What are your priorities?

My priorities are the community’s priorities. Budget and traffic issues appear to be first on the mind of residents. Whether or not Measure Y passes, we need to be fiscally responsible and work together to strengthen our financial outlook. Our community has always been strong in the area of Community Services, so, I am also focused on maintaining services and programs for youth and seniors as they are significant contributors to our quality of life.

What is your community service record?

I currently serve as Chair of the Planning Commission and I am also a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee. I coached girls’ softball at Metropolitan Little League, served on School Site Councils, and lead the parent support group when my daughter played basketball at Santa Fe High School. I have served on non-profit boards and in many other leadership positions as well. Outside of the community, I officiate high school football, basketball, softball, and college football.